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Website Usability and its effects on your profits
In today´s fast-paced world, having an attractive travel website is not enough. People are used to having quick, convenient and instant solutions at their fingertips and they expect your travel website to meet these requirements. Any website that is not user-friendly will not hold their attention for more than a few seconds. They will leave and look for their hotel accommodation at a travel website that caters to their needs more efficiently.

As a businessperson who is looking to make a profit in the travel industry, you need to look beyond an attractive website and start thinking about the benefits of having a smartly designed website that incorporates website usability.

What is website usability?
Website Usability refers to the ease with which visitors can navigate through a website. This includes navigation ease, simple booking process etc. These small details may seem insignificant but play an important role in increasing the conversion rate, sales and revenue, user efficiency on your website and reducing development and support costs.

If you are still not convinced of the importance of website usability. Then consider this:

An attractive website draws visitors to your website. Once they are at your website, you need something to keep them there - good content, great packages etc. However, there still is a chance that you will lose customers if your website is slow to open or difficult to navigate website. In fact, studies conducted by well-known research houses indicate that
 More than 83% of Internet users are likely to leave a website if they feel they have too many clicks to find what they're looking for (source: Arthur Andersen)
 58% of visitors who experience usability problems on a website did not return (source: Forrester Research)
 $25 billion is lost every year due to website usability issues (source: Zona Research)

This clearly emphasizes the close relationship between website usability and sales. So, unless you want to keep losing sales because your website may be difficult to navigate, you need to evaluate your website's usability.

Improve your website´s usability
Here is a comprehensive checklist that can help you improve your website´s usability and boost your revenue:
 Display information upfront
 Use simple language
 Label navigation links clearly and consistently
 Simple site structure
 Easy navigation
 Single focused pages content
 Clear click paths
 Easy to distinguish hyperlinks
 Upfront contact details
 Include company information such as "About Us" page
 A user-friendly search engine that will visitors be able to locate hotels or packages easily
 Text links that provide clear direction to where they will take the visitor
 Include secondary navigation tools such as a site map
 If you are using images or flash as your navigation mode, then you need to include a text alternative for visitors whose computers do not support those modes
 A real time reservation option with direct links to your reservation page on all pages

Always remember to “Double checked for broken links”
We hope you found this whitepaper informative on how website usability and sales are interrelated. We wish you the best in enhancing the usability of your website. Thus boosting the conversion rate and revenue earned.
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