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Agency Interface
Highest Commissions
Why HotelsAvenue?
About HotelsAvenue
What does HotelsAvenue do?
HotelsAvenue is an online travel affiliate solution targeted at the distribution segment of the Hospitality Industry. Travel agencies, portals and anyone interested in starting an online travel agency can use HotelsAvenue to launch an online travel agency quickly and easily or to increase their hotel database and grow their online business.
How much will a HotelsAvenue account cost?
HotelsAvenue is a Zero investment solution that means there is no setup fee to sign up for a HotelsAvenue account.
Which interface is perfect for my business?
HotelsAvenue has 3 types of interfaces - Hosted Booking Engine, XML feed for Portals and Agency Interface. If you are looking to expand your travel business by adding an online component then the 'Hosted Booking Engine' is the perfect solution for you. It will provide you with a complete solution from a website to a booking engine with an integrated inventory feed. If you own a portal with a booking engine (travel or other) and want to add a travel segment), select our XML feed for Portals interface. Our advanced XML feed will plug directly into your portal without additional software installation requirements. If you running a travel agency and are looking to expand your hotel inventory database without the added effort of going online then the Agency Interface is perfect for you.
What is a Hosted Booking Engine Interface?
The Hosted Booking Engine interface is a complete travel solution. It enables you to put up a branded travel agency website and plug in HotelsAvenue's fully hosted booking engine, thereby enabling you to reach out to customers globally.
What is an OTA Compliant XML feed?
XML stands for extensive markup language. An OTA Compliant XML feed refers to an inventory feed developed using extensive markup language that complies with the Open Travel Association standards.
What is an Agency Interface?
The Agency Interface provides you with access to the HotelsAvenue feed through your internet connected office computer. You can source hotel rooms matching your 'over the counter' customers requirement without any additional effort or expense.
Will I have to setup a separate account to receive for HotelsAvenue payments?
No, you do not need to set-up a bank account. At the time of registration, you are required to provide us with your bank details. We (HotelsAvenue) will send you a cheque or wire your payment as per the payment option selected.
Whose name will appear in my guest's credit card statement?
Avenues or will appear on your guest's credit card statement.
Can I display and accept payments in multiple currencies?
HotelsAvenue is a multi-currency solution, which has the widest range of payment options. You can display and accept payments using any of our available options.

Advantages of HotelsAvenue
Why should you choose HotelsAvenue? What does HotelsAvenue do for you?
HotelsAvenue will provide you with
Largest Inventory Feed: Display room inventory of over 1, 00,000 global situated hotels
on your website.
Lowest Room Rates: The HotelsAvenue feed has inventory with Lowest Room Rates online. This will help you capture a larger share of the online pie.
Highest Commissions: Zero Setup Costs, Low Room Rates and High Commissions ensure an increase in your profit levels.
Fastest time to market: HotelsAvenue enables you to start an online travel agency quickly and easily.
Simplest Operations: HotelsAvenue is a comprehensive solution that is easy to use.
Finest technology: HotelsAvenue has the widest range of payment options and the
highest level of security available.
What are the key benefits of having a HotelsAvenue account?
Here are just some of the key benefits of having a HotelsAvenue account

1. Go online within days using a simple website template from our template gallery.
2. Attract guests to your website with ready rich destination content, traveler reviews and ratings.
3. Close sales instantly, in real time with our in-built multi-currency booking engine.
4. Never lose a sale due to lack of payment options. With HotelsAvenue, you can accept payments from all major credit cards on your website.
5. Do not lose a guest because of lack of hotel options or available room inventory.
6. HotelsAvenue feed to your website and get access to over 1,00,000 globally situated hotels and their instantly book-able room inventory.
7. Attract and retain customers by displaying the largest available room inventory and the best pre-negotiated room rates.
8. Earn the biggest commissions available by promoting special packages and schemes.
9. Manage your online travel website directly online using our comprehensive range of online management tools. You can confirm reservations instantly, raise invoices directly online and more.
10. Build brand awareness amongst visitors to your travel website by using our Simple HTML or Advanced XML interface to add a custom/branded look and feel to your site.
11. Experienced online chat support available 24x7
What are the benefits of customizing my HotelsAvenue pages?
By customizing your HotelsAvenue booking pages, you can
- Maintain your organizations brandings across the website
- Provide guests with a sense of security i.e. they do not realize that they have left your site to pay.

Sign up for a HotelsAvenue Account
How do I sign up for a HotelsAvenue account?
To Sign up for a HotelsAvenue account, send a mail with the subject line’ Interested in ___Interface' to Our marketing executives will get in touch with you shortly.

Technical & Security
What is a payment gateway?
A payment gateway is a software program integrated to a travel website to transmit transaction data to the Credit Card acquirer for authorization and settlement. The Travel Affiliate gains the ability to perform real-time Credit Card authorizations from a website over the Internet. Travelers can pay for their hotel reservations across the Internet through Credit Cards within seconds, after the gateway obtains authorization from the Credit Card institutions.
Is a particular system required for HotelsAvenue to work?
No, HotelsAvenue runs on any system. The only requirement is a PC with an internet connection.
What type of software will I need to install for HotelsAvenue to work?
HotelsAvenue is a completely online solution. There is no software required. All you need is a PC with an internet connection.
How secure is HotelsAvenue in comparison to other travel service providers?
HotelsAvenue uses secure servers throughout. Contrary to media myth, computer-to-computer transactions using secure servers are generally considered very safe indeed - certainly as safe as, or even safer than, transactions, which rely on signatures on bits of paper or card details dictated across a potentially open telephone lines. HotelsAvenue contains a number of features designed for e-commerce security across the Internet. Combined, these features make HotelsAvenue many times more secure than other "distant" users of a credit card, such as telephone or mail order and of course, its competitors. HotelsAvenue adopts stringent security measures to ensure that critically sensitive information, such as your customer's personal information, is protected.

Authorization by ICICI's Payseal and Citibank secure gateways
All your customers' Credit Card Authorization is done using ICICI's E-Payments and Citibank High End Secure Payment Gateways. Your customers enter all their personal information and Credit Card details on ICICI's E-Payments (Payseal) and Citibank's secure servers and the same is encrypted before it is transmitted over the Internet to the Acquiring Banks. Additionally HotelsAvenue's server is behind security firewalls to ensure maximum protection of your customer's information. This guarantees that your information is inaccessible to any third party. CCAvenue uses industry-standard SSL (Standard Sockets Layer) Technology, which is used worldwide, for this data encryption.

Internationally Certified Security Standards
HotelsAvenue has installed a variety of products and processes to pre-empt credit card fraud and advice agents on how to forestall charge backs. These are internationally certified security standards, which ensure the security of transactions, conducted via your website.
1. HotelsAvenue has achieved the new PCI DSS 1.1 Standards of Compliance, which makes it one of the most secure payment gateways in the world. Click here to verify our certificate.
2.HotelsAvenue is registered with VeriSign, the world's best and most trust worthy Net Authentication Agency. Click here to verify our certificate.
3. HotelsAvenue employs the best in online security. Daily testing is done to maintain its Hacker Safe Secure Certificate.
HotelsAvenue is one of the few companies in the world to implement the new Verified By Visa and the MasterCard Secure Code protocols which are expected to reduce charge back level by as much as 90%.
What level of encryption does HotelsAvenue use?
HotelsAvenue uses the most powerful VeriSign secure socket layer (SSL) for encrypting customer data during transmission. To put this into non-technical terms, it would take 340,000,000,000 years for today's fastest computers to crack VeriSign SSL. Click here to verify our certificate.

Customer Support
What type of customer support does HotelsAvenue offer?
HotelsAvenue offers its travel affiliates customer support via the telephone and the internet. If you need instant support you can reach our customer representatives at 26 x 6 at +91-22- 67425555 / 26000816 / 30913622 / 56920419 or you can chat with them live on Live Chat. You can also email your queries to

If you have an issue with our customer service or a suggestion on how we can improve our system and services, please contact us using our online complaint/suggestion form respectively

To ensure quick and efficient customer support please have your HotelsAvenue account number available. Also, if you are emailing with a technical problem please provide us with the same, as it will enable us to review and respond to your issue or question more effectively.
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