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As a travel industry professional, your customers rely on you as an essential and trusted resource. However, to deliver instant and quality service to them, you need to invest money continuously in technology and resources to satisfy their global travel requirements. With more and more airlines and hoteliers reaching out directly to consumers, revenue streams are disappearing and the challenges ahead may seem daunting.

Well it does not have to be! HotelsAvenue® can help you tackle these challenges head-on. It does this by providing you with real time access to 'instantly bookable' hotel room inventory of over 1,00,000 global hotels through an efficient, easy-to-use web based interface that will surely bring you huge profits with minimal efforts. HotelsAvenue solves your worries about the high cost of adopting new technologies and the need for high-end infrastructure. It will streamline your operations and save both time and money with top of the line technologies working for you. All this at zero set up cost and practically zero recurring cost.

HotelsAvenue has 3 types of interfaces to suit your different business needs-Hosted Booking Engine, XML Feed for Portals and Agency Interface. Simply select the interface suits your requirements to get start or expand your travel business.

Hosted Booking Engine:
If you are looking to expand your travel business by adding an online component then the ‘Hosted Booking Engine’ is the perfect solution for you. The Hosted Booking Engine interface is a complete travel solution. It enables you to put up a branded travel agency website and plug in HotelsAvenue's fully hosted booking engine. Thus, enabling the travel agency round the corner to grow from a local player to a global player and attract guests from across the globe.

XML Feed for portals:
If you own a travel portal (or any other portal and want to add a travel segment) and your own booking engine, HotelsAvenue can help you enhance your product offerings. Select our XML Feed Interface and get access to 1000's of Hotels, which were previously not accessible to your travel portal. XML or Extensible Markup Language interface is meant for portals looking to add a travel segment. The advanced XML interface is extremely flexible; it plugs directly into the portal without requiring any infrastructural changes or additional software installations.

Agency Interface:
If you running a travel agency and are looking to expand your hotel inventory database without the added effort of going online then the Agency Interface is perfect for you. The Agency Interface provides you with access to an HotelsAvenue feed through your office computer with an internet connection, that will help you source any hotel room requirement of your 'over the counter' customers.

What's more, HotelsAvenue also comes with a built in real time payment facility that enables you to close sales instantly and a comprehensive range of online tools puts the power to run your business on your fingertips. Manage your business directly online from anywhere and at anytime. Simply put, HotelsAvenue® is your ticket to greater profits and your ultimate opportunity to deliver a world of exceptional travel experiences to your customers.

Interested? Mail our marketing executives at include the name of the interface you are interested in for example: 'Sub: Interested in the Agency Interface'.
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